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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Magnetic Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers and clothing spaces have largely remained in the sameformat over the years. Hangers usually consist of a styled wooden, plastic or metal frame upon which clothing rests, with a hook component at the top. Similarly, contemporary wardrobes often use a contained space with horizontal bar(s) upon which to place the hangers in a linear pattern.

These hangers replace the hook with a magnet, accompanied by a suspended piece of metal to allow full freedom of arrangment and display.

*this is a student project

Pollution Posters

The average poster is just ink placed on sheets of tree pulp, using garishcolours, type and imagery to throw itself at passers-by in an attempt to sell their product or service – obliviousto the surrounding environment.

These posters are designed to capture the poster’s local atmosphere through using an adhesive layer, passing dust, pollen and pollution usually unseen to the eye builds up to reveal the graphic. The gradual growth of the image allows it to form a relationship with regular foot traffic in that area.

These posters were used for the promotion of the Fire!Fire! exhibition.
To see all of the images download my full portfolio or visit www.elliottburford.com.

Comparison between a clean poster and 1 week old poster that was located at a beach front.


Analog clocks are normally associated with 2 or 3 hands; being the hour, minute and second. By using different methods of displaying the movement of the fractions of a day the clocks are allowed a clean faced form language.

L.E.D Clock
Nipple Clock

a Light for Monsters

A lighting piece that explores the conventional placing of switches on floor lamps. There are two touch switches that are linked together, neither at an aesthetically comfortable position.

The heights of the switches are based on the heights of monsters (in my opinion they are either tall or short). The switches are linked to allow either monster turn the light on and off.

After use of the prototype the lower switch was found useful when sitting down on a chair or couch.

FIRE!FIRE! exhibition photos

The exhibition has almost finished. The opening night went well and the reception in general has been good. Look forward to more Fire!Fire! in the future.

Interactive Freckles Font (E.Burford)
Pollution Posters (E.Burford/D.To)
Objects of Desire (E.Aiston)
L.E.D Clock (D.To)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FIRE!FIRE! exhibition

FIRE!FIRE! is a design group from Adelaide which I am part of. We are having a Summer Exhibition from 10 Feb - 3 Mar on the 3rd floor of Miss Gladys Sym Choon, 235A Rundle St

check out the